Comments: Rebooted Fantastic Four trailer

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Give me Ioan Gruffudd any day. He's doing a great job with Forever.

Posted by Starfire at January 28, 2015 01:27 PM

I'm passing on this as well. They should've let the rights revert back to Marvel.

Posted by Carl at January 28, 2015 04:28 PM

Wow that looks boring. On another note that I know you like. Here is a part of an article in the news journal on a robbery in Maryland - Police conducted a K-9 search of the area, but the suspect was not found. He was described as white man, in his late teens to early 20s, wearing dark clothing and gloves.

Posted by Arthur at January 28, 2015 06:48 PM

Violates WNJ policy!!!

Posted by Hube at January 28, 2015 06:50 PM

This looks incredibly boring. I still vividly remember the first trailers for movies like the first Spider-Man and X-Men: exciting clips and rousing music. The first minute of this trailer was more like a PSA for some technology firm.

Incidentally, I laughed at that "From the studio that brought you X-Men: Days of Future Past" credit.

Posted by tops116 at January 29, 2015 03:48 AM

The far left defenders are out and they are also trying to defend other actions. Let me ask would Marz say the same if a black character was played by a white person?

I guess people are not allowed to have an opinion again if it does not agree with him...the guy must think he is something special.

Posted by NA at January 29, 2015 06:41 AM