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To be honest, when it comes to Cold War movies, I'd rather punch holes in "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace." It just makes it so easy.

Speaking as someone who loved Undiscovered Country (first Trek movie I ever saw in theaters), Spock was a real jackass. That actually bothers me more than the Klingons being let off the hook. Kirk recognizing he needs to put old views behind him in order to move forward was sensible characterization, though the "I was used to hating Klingons" line was overblown. He tended to respect Klingons as worthy adversaries; he never truly hated them until one of them killed his son and that was only a few years before STVI.

Spock was practically a Mary Sue. He screws up repeatedly. It's not just volunteering Kirk for the mission (a mission, I might add, that only occurred because Spock took it upon himself to open negotiations with the Klingons), but he's also indirectly responsible for Kirk and McCoy being sent to Klingon prison. It's also possible to criticize him for his overtures being hijacked by the conspiracy to nearly cause an intergalactic war. And yet, the story insists he's right. The only bad thing to happen to him was the betrayal of his protégé being involved in the conspiracy, but since it was someone invented for the movie and not Saavik, who cares? Perks of being played by the executive producer, I guess.

Also, the movie kinda cheats. By the time of the release date, TNG was well-into its run and had showed the Klingons as far more honorable and trustworthy than they ever were on TOS. It's like Nicholas Meyer was saying, "Well, the spinoff showed them turning out all right, so everything's fine." Speaking of TNG, I think it's funny that for all of Undiscovered Country's feel good proclamations of "a new era of peace has begun," the actual canon says that it still took decades for Federation/Klingon relations to improve. (It's times like these I realize I've watched a lot of Star Trek. Ah well.)

"Star Trek VI would have us believe that the Klingons had to give nothing, other than the promise of no further hostilities, for the goodwill of the Federation."

Now that I think of it, Team Obama's whole belief in the Iran deal may very well be predicated on "Well, it worked on Star Trek."

Posted by SpideyTerry at September 8, 2015 05:40 AM

The Colossus of Rhodey: How Star Trek changed after Roddenberry

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