Comments: Cult movies you have to see?

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I REALLY wonder about the order of some of those (Donnie Darko? #2? REALLY?) but it is amusing to see how many GBF has gone over.

Posted by Nate Winchester at March 22, 2016 03:12 PM

I think later Tremors movies said the Graboids were prehistoric. If nothing else, the fourth movie was set in the 1800s before any nuclear testing.

Posted by Paul at March 23, 2016 07:06 AM

A true cult film should be truly bad, but possessing some bizarre element that makes them watchable. A few too many films on this list are actually rather good.

Posted by Captain Qwert Jr at March 23, 2016 01:26 PM

I would throw Android into the mix for SciFi. And The Wraith for Horror.

Eraserhead is over-rated. As is Big Trouble in Little China. They belong on the list, just not that high up.

And why Evil Dead 2 and not 1? Or why not Army of Darkness? It was the funny horror movie of the 3.

The original Mad Max? Earth Girls Are Easy is as good as Buckaroo Bonsai with a similar cult status. And Tank Girl should be on the list, but guys tend to not like the jokes about "feeling inadequate." (Picture Lori Petty riding around on a tank - you get the idea.)

Posted by Zendo Deb at March 25, 2016 11:06 PM

I actually like Time Bandits myself.

Posted by Carl at March 28, 2016 09:32 PM

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