Comments: Two of our favorite moonbat comics folk react to Brussels attacks

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When I read their comments I cannot help but to think dumb and dumber.

Both of them are blinded by their own views.

Posted by captain frugal at March 24, 2016 02:14 PM

Oh here it is, more of this stuff.

Around 3/28/2016, [The White House] gave a speech like: [You know that bombing in Pakistan, where a Taliban group in Pak. said they did the bombing to target Christians? Well we, [the White House], found out that there were non-Christians that got hurt in the bombing, so that means this might not be a bombing that targeted Christians].

Talk about Obama + staff trying their best: not to acknowledge that a group was targeted, + keep themselves, Obama + staff, from working on stopping criminal attacks.

So, does that mean- since some non-US people were hurt at the Boston Marathon Bombing, then that means that this attack was not done to target U.S. people?

I'm just waiting for a North Korean Battleship to start firing on Seoul, South Korea, and then Obama will say: [Well, maybe it was a mistake. Maybe they meant to attack some land somewhere else]. Amazing.

Posted by TR at March 29, 2016 02:08 AM

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