Comments: Batman vs. Superman: Ignore the haters, enjoy the film

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I was sitting in the theater on the first Friday with my twins and my grandson, fifteen seconds away from the previews starting, when my phone buzzed to tell me my wife had had a biking accident that we eventually learned broke three bones in her wrist. So I did not get to see it for another week. (And, damn, those first tix were for Imax 3-D).

But here's my take:

1) The length did not bother me in itself--you're right about needing that for plot purposes, but if you are going to do such a long film, don't torture me with those grinding slow motion "drama" shots like how long it takes young Bruce to fall into the hole, or the shell taking forever to fall out of the breech of the gun at Superman's funeral. Length was fine; pacing could have been better.

2) Ben Affleck was a great Batman, Gadot was a glorious Wonder Woman, and Superman himself was very, very good. That said, Lois Lane and Perry White were poorly cast and in general detracted.

3) Exactly my thought about Luthor--Eisenberg was going for Heath Ledger or something, and it clanged all over the film. The whole point of Lex Luthor is cool, rational, intellectual evil; this was the Joker with a factory.

4) One of the strengths of the film was understanding that Superman could be out-thought. Having so many super powers made life mentally easy--what's the point of worrying about tactics when you can just walk through any ambush? So I loved that both Luthor and Batman consistently out thought Supes throughout the movie.

5) Wonder Woman looking through the pics of Flash, etc., was cheesy, but God I did love that old photo of WW.

6) Gratuitous useless shots that should have been edited: the montage of Batman pumping iron to be able to wear the suit!? Gimme a break.

7) My favorite Easter Egg--that Holly Hunter played a DEMOCRATIC senator from Kentucky. (I'm just pissed that they killed her because I think she's got one of the sexiest voices in the business.)

Posted by Steve Newton at April 2, 2016 03:05 PM

It was a C movie at best. The trailer for Cap was more exciting. I had the feeling going in the movie was going to be dark in both the way it was shot and the overall feeling.

Affleck was ok as Batman but he was too big. Ive always believed Bruce Wayne to be suave and debonair. When he put on a three piece suit he looked like one of Luca Brasci's henchmen. His performance was good overall.

Lex Luthor was WAY over the top. Again, I thought he was an evil genius. Not a completely obvious psychopath.

I liked WW. She was pretty good.

Overall, the holes in the plot were big enough to drive the budget of the movie through.

Are the DC comics movies and ABC broadcasting owned by the same people? If so it would have been neat to see the kid who plays Bruce on GOTHAM play the young Bruce in the movie.

Posted by Arthur at April 4, 2016 09:28 AM

One other thing. How the hell are they going to make an Aquaman movie? That scene with him was terrible. How can you have a guy who supposedly lives underwater not look completely uncomfortable underwater? You could tell he was holding his breath and was having trouble keeping his eyes open

Posted by Arthur at April 4, 2016 10:22 AM

To maybe add some context to the portrayal of Luthor - I'd say the full-on craziness didn't start until he tried to absorb "the knowledge of 100,000 worlds" (or whatever the Kryptonian computer said). Driven temporarily mad by information overload/alien concepts, he'll be back.

Just a hunch.

Posted by Brud Lee at April 12, 2016 01:21 PM

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