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Ad writers can be pretty stupid sometimes; I remember there was a cereal campaign that conveyed the idea that stealing was a good thing. I actually called and complained about that one...

Posted by Susie at July 24, 2004 08:04 AM

Ad agencies want to appeal to your vanity, of course, but I blow my stack at ads like that one just a few years ago that showed kids floating joyously in the air with plastic shopping bags overhead as if them bags could be used as parachutes. I worried about how many kids would see that and think that they could jump out of a third story window with a shopping bag and just float ever so joyously to the ground.
It was one of those Sunday-morning-news ads by GE or Archer-Daniels Midland or Enron (*why..why..why..*) or something.
Insulting my intelligence is one thing. I can deal with that. Forgetting that children watch TV with me is something else altogether.

Posted by Tuning Spork at July 24, 2004 06:23 PM

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