Comments: One Down, Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine To Go

Oustanding article, Publicola! You are the only one so far to write about what our next step should be. Yes, we won a great victory for the Consititution and the Second Amendment today.

But what is next? I attended the AEI seminar in Washington today about the AWB and heard someone ask a question to John Lott and AGS's Jim Kessler about what is next? Kessler thought we'd be fighting the same fight again next year.

I thought as I heard the answer, "What crap. To win a war means taking the fight to the enemy." To often we have been reactionary in this fight, only fighting when we had to. I agree with you 100%--we need to take the fight to these bastards.

I think it will be hard to knock down the entire '34 NFA, '68 GCA, or the Brady background check. I think a targeted approach to the more onerous, yet more obscure facets of Federal firearms law will pay off in the short-term.

My first proposal would be a repeal of the 1986 MG ban. Wrap it up in the guise of allowing people to register new Class 3 firearms instead of having them unregistered. Whatever excuse Congress buys doesn't matter--strike the law out of the law books is the ultimate goal.

Or two, if new machine guns turn out to be too controversial, let's add legislative language to strip out any mention or definition of "sporting firearms," such as Rep. Paul's HR 153 tried to do this session. Knock out the sporting arms definition would go a long way to restoring the intent of the original amendment.

But hell, if someone wants to push a bill deleting all of the NFA or GCA, I'm not going to stand in the way...

Posted by Poshboy at September 13, 2004 09:45 AM

Even though I can't really afford it, I feel a sense of obligation to go out and buy a previously banned "assault weapon" now that the ban has expired.

I'm soliciting recommendations for specific weapons on my site, but would be interested to hear your suggestions, as well.

Posted by Spoons at September 13, 2004 10:33 AM

National Firearms Act of 1934; the Gun Control Act of 1968; the Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Owner Protection Act of 1986; & the Brady Law of 1994.

The '86 MG ban can be fought as simple protectionism. Give us free trade!Lokewise any part of any law that mentions importation.
The '34 Act can be chipped at by repealing the prohibition on suppressors as a Health and Safety measure. Brady can be attacked on the basis that NICS makes it obsolete.
Chip, chip, chip. And never quit.

Posted by Billll at September 13, 2004 05:45 PM
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