Comments: Local Drama

Heard a bit about this case when I was down in St. Louis in July. I believe I was in town on the weekend when Danton pleaded guilty and that was the first I had heard of the case. Likely because I don't watch television when I'm at home, but it's always possible that Chicago news people just relegate the story to the trash heap up here. After all - it's St. Louis, the back of beyond as far as they're concerned.

Weird quote from the father though. I agree about calling a 19 year old "little girl" good grief. But then liberals against guns manage to group anyone 24 and under into the category of "child" when they talk about gun deaths, so we shouldn't be too surprised. I wonder if the father ever lived in the home. He talks about her like she's not even related.

Posted by Teresa at September 21, 2004 12:14 PM