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Great Q&A. I advise the Space Exploration Merit Badge for our Boy Scout troop and it is indeed a wee bit more fun than playing video games. As it turns out we've never had a game system in our house, nor have we ever had cable. Every time the subject comes up, we return to the question "What are we doing now that we want to give up so we have more time to sit in front of the TV?" No one can put much on their list, so we muddle through without 'em.

Chris, father of two teenage boys

Posted by chris hall at October 20, 2003 09:44 AM

I'm trying to get started in model rocketry and i found your Q&A awesome. I was just wondering how many amps is recessary to light an ignitor (would you know why the voltage matters to light an igniter, i thought it was just the amout of current(amps) not volts). I searched all over the web by i was unable to find info on how to wire a cluster rocket. I would really appriciate it if you could email me at or post some info on your site. Thanks

Posted by Matt at April 8, 2005 06:33 PM

My boys and I participated in our first launch with our Cub Scout Pack this past weekend (June 12, 2005). It was a fantastic experience. We almost missed the launch because we didn't get started on the kits until too late. I ran out the morning of the launch to grab some supplies and I came across Estes Launchable rocket packs at a local K-Mart. They were assembly-only rockets (no sanding or painting), and I assembled them with the help of my my boys in about an hour apiece. The cost was very reasonable--under $9--and one of the kits included two rockets that are around 15"-16" tall. I even found a ready to fly kit with a much larger rocket, launch pad, and electronic ignitor for $18. After adding a few packs of engines, I was out less than $50 for a full day of fun with three of my sons. We launched our four rockets repeatedly, and only lost a nose cone. It was a great first experience. This is something everyone should try. Between now and our next flight, I am rigging the rockets to hang in the boys' rooms using fishing line. They love those rockets!

Posted by Andrew James Riemer at June 14, 2005 10:06 PM
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