Comments: Monitors in a vacuum

Some call the duel between the Monitor and the Merrimac a draw.

But the Merrimac's purpose was to break the Union naval blockade. After the so-called inconclusive duel, the Merrimac retreated to its home port, and the blockade remained.

While neither ship destroyed the other, I've often wondered how anyone could call it a draw or inconclusive.

Posted by The Commissar at October 17, 2004 08:11 PM

Good point on the question of "draw vs victory"; maybe a bias for the under-dog or credit for innovation by the confederates. The results are obvious as we view the battle from here, but the romantic notion of "Johhny Reb" is one that does not readily fade.

I was stunned to read that the last of the class was decommissioned in 1937. I will search for photos and information; thanks for the research.


Posted by Dan Patterson at October 18, 2004 08:26 AM
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