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I'll have what she's having. ;)

Posted by Dawn at October 24, 2004 01:12 AM

Aah, re-telling one's own best lines is a tricky biz. But, when it's a winner, ya just gotta share it.

So, here's mine:

I was in a dart league a few years ago and one of the other team's members had forgotten her darts. Thinking that I had a good weight for her the others suggested that she try my darts.

She walked up to me with hand extended and asked "Can I weigh that dart?"

"Bob," said Tex, "She wants to feel your dart."
Everyone could see that that I was trying to think up a ribald response. "Be careful..." he said.

Handing it to her I said "Okay, but it's a steel-tip. Be careful y'don't get pricked."

Everyone roared, but I've always wondered about that line. The moment was such that I think, at that moment, I could have told her to "have a stroke" and it would've gotten a laugh.

Posted by Tuning Spork at October 26, 2004 12:48 AM
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