Comments: It's Finally Over

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May I add what I heard today?

"It ticks me off. I did everything that I could. I voted for Kerry and my state agreed with me. It annoys me that all those other states went against him. I did all I could do, but there should be more that I can do to change it."

"It's all those bible belt people on the Christian right that ruined this for us. How do they get off ruining this election for me."

(and many variations of) "Damn it! Now we're all going to get drafted."

And some girl got a call this morning telling her Kerry lost - she started balling.

Posted by Katherine at November 3, 2004 06:14 PM

My dad thinks we're slaves to the Saudis right now, that the economy will hurtle into a depression, and that legislators will suddenly shift toward evangelism and homophobia. He's like the anti-conservative-nutcase.

Posted by Alex D. at November 6, 2004 04:43 AM