Comments: Victory is Mine!

I was wondering if you played any multiplayer. The guys over at Penny Arcade seem to greatly prefer multi.

Posted by owlish at November 16, 2004 01:08 PM

Multiplayer can take place any number of ways:

1. Cooperative play in the campaign scenario. I've done this with both of my boys.

2. Head-to-head with up to (a) 4 total on one Xbox (small split screens); (b) up to 16 Xboxes linked in system link; or (c) against the world online through Xbox Live.

2(a) is not too much fun, as the only opponents I have are 7-10 year old boys. Not much of a challenge. 2(b) not an option. 2(c) I plan to pursue after beating the game solo.

The game engine, thankfully, is basically unchanged, so the combat is as fun as ever and many tactics translate well from the orginal game. Where they differ, they are mostly improved. Two thumbs up!

Posted by JohnL at November 16, 2004 03:06 PM
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