Comments: Illinois Can Go Straight To Hell

with respect to police officers enforcing a gun ban: While you and I may think that 'only following orders' is not a defence for enforcing unconstitutional laws, in practice that criterion is only applied to the losing side. Until then, LEO get a free pass.

With respect to Mr. Gamage running Sheriff Johnson off his land, well, then we'd be reading about Mr. Gamage's funeral about now.

As far as getting back the freedoms we had prior to about 1934, I don't know how to get there from here - peacefully. Once a governmental entity got to use laws for 'reasonable' restrictions of rights, liberty was doomed. Since the earliest gun restriction laws were for keeping weapons out of the hands of newly freed blacks, and were thought to be 'reasonable' by many - most? - whites, I suppose one could argue that our situation today is a kind of karmic payback - if I were a Buddhist. Since I'm not Buddhist, I just have to conclude that if we allow rights to be taken from any person we despise (whatever the reason for our feelings, whatever reason for limiting rights), we're putting the boot on our own neck; or at least, on the necks of our children or grandchildren.

How do we take our rights back, peacefully?

Posted by Frank Sauer at December 7, 2004 02:47 PM
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