Comments: *Sneak Preview 2

I think it's great!

Posted by Paul at December 11, 2004 04:07 PM

Works for me.

Maybe you should make a logo for *my* blog!

Posted by Jack at December 11, 2004 04:59 PM

*Much* better!

Posted by Victor at December 11, 2004 06:08 PM

I think you're right - too busy.

Posted by Pixy Misa at December 11, 2004 09:03 PM


Posted by Jay at December 12, 2004 10:12 AM

He's right, that *is* a mean bird. But I like it!

Posted by Ted at December 12, 2004 10:29 AM

"That's a bird! He's mean!"

Yes he is.

Terrorists will learn this, eventually.

Posted by Harvey at December 12, 2004 12:05 PM

I like 'em. What software did you use?

When I was in "teacher school" I had to make a name placard that showed my personality. Since my field is history, I put my name in the middle and made a collage around it with pictures of historical figures. The one that drew the most attention was General Chuck Yeager. A bunch of future history teachers didn't know who he was!

Posted by Eric at December 12, 2004 03:03 PM

Ooh, I like it!

Posted by Jim at December 13, 2004 08:16 AM

Count me in with the "yea"s...or is that "yay"s? ;)

Posted by Susie at December 13, 2004 10:25 AM