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Bill C running away from his creditors?

Posted by Pete at December 17, 2004 06:37 AM

I'm noticing a disturbing trend toward cat-blogging here.

Posted by Paul at December 17, 2004 06:53 AM

And a more appropriate image image of Bill C fleeing from creditors would be a mangey opossum or a madrill.

Yes, a mandrill.

Posted by Paul at December 17, 2004 06:55 AM

Looks like the cat is being chased by it's own shit. What, like you've never had that dream before?

Posted by shank at December 17, 2004 08:41 AM

But wouldn't a madrill be more of a Frnak J type of thing?

Posted by Pete at December 17, 2004 08:54 AM

I'm not sure a Mandrill is actually a monkey. It might be an ape. The bright red ass makes it hard to classify.

Also, I believe that Bill could best be described as a loping mandrill. I'm pretty sure he lopes.

Posted by Paul at December 17, 2004 09:17 AM

And we certainly know far more about Bill's ass then we ever wanted to know...

Posted by Pete at December 17, 2004 09:24 AM

Somehow I always knew that someone had tapped into my head, downloaded my dreams and sold them on the internet for sport and profit. Bah.

Posted by The Viking at December 17, 2004 12:32 PM

Fluffy realized far too late that the despondant spouses of the slippers he had so gleefully shredded had snapped and were now eager for revenge.

Posted by LarryConley at December 19, 2004 01:55 AM

Fact: The creatures chasing the cat are Domo-Kuns. They're (actually there is only one...) are the official mascot of NHK's BS2 (that'd be a satellite station in Japan).
Fact: I visited the corporate offices and have a picture of myself with the Domo-kun and his friend Grampa Rabbit.
Fact: You probably don't give a damn.
Fact: That doesn't bother me in the slightest

Jen for Senate! Even if she is a Democrat.

Posted by Kin at December 19, 2004 03:52 AM