Comments: Blogger Bowl Playoff Update

Heh. I didn't even need a 4 TD day from Peyton!

Personally, I'm rooting for Victor tonight - an all Munu final...

Posted by Daniel at December 20, 2004 06:53 AM

Heck, I'm rooting for Victor, too! Like when I beat you, Ted, who expected one of my big-time players to leave the game with an injury, and especially who expected to have the 'boys put up a fight?

What's really got me burned is I consistently play the second-ranked defense, yet the fouled up Yahoo! scoring system rolls the special teams into defense. The Giants give up 30+ points, no INT's, yet score two or three times what the 'Skins score because their special teams are better. I'm planning on writing a note asking them to make the ST's a seperate category.

I'm just a little bit bitter right now, dangit!

Posted by Victor at December 20, 2004 08:11 AM
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