Comments: Brian Wilson's Smile

Deb got Smile a couple months ago and enjoyed it tremendously. I haven't listened to it start to finish, but liked what I heard. The Beach Boys are a favorite of the baby's, too. Apparently she was born with good taste.

Posted by Jay at December 29, 2004 06:37 AM

Cool! I heard well-over a year ago that Brian was working on Smile. Great to hear that it's out. (Yeayh, I get all my news from the blogosphere lately...)

Can't wait to hear it. I saw him live a few years ago during his Pet Sounds tour. The band was amazing and Brian, while his voice is little thinner nowadays, did an great job -- especially noticable during "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder".

Just being in the same room with him would have been enough to make a fine memory, but he really had a top-notch performance going.

Even if his keyboard was unplugged...

Posted by Tuning Spork at December 29, 2004 11:26 PM
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