Comments: Building a simple but unusual rocket

Go for it,Ted.The birdy is on my future to do list also.
I have a first coming up soon,too.My first boosted glider for the upcoming contest(B glider).I was going to try it for the first time this weekend but you know how that went.I scratch built it from old CMR Mantra plans I found in Sport Rocketry.The plans call for it to either boost on it's own or to attach to the two staged Omega.
Although I built both I don't have the Omega rigged to fly the glider......yet.
I want to keep working with this glider design to see if I can improve upon it.Competing with myself....blah,blah.
Another first I have in mind is helicopter duration or at least just a heli.I've been a hardcore heli nut since I first saw Apocalypse Now in the theatre when I was a kid.Been hooked on them ever since.Helicopter?Rocket?Rocket helicopter?I'm there dude!I have my eye on an Apogee Heli-Roc soon.

Posted by Russ at April 3, 2005 08:55 PM

You'll love the Birdie Russ. I've given several away to little ones at the launches. They're perfect for toddlers who want to fly with the big kids. ;)

For the contests, I'll fly what I brought if it'll help the club. I don't fly serious competition. An Alpha makes a fine duration rocket because you can stuff a huge streamer or chute into it, and I almost won a glider contest once with a Mach-10 because the wind was too strong for lightweight gliders.

Posted by Ted at April 3, 2005 09:32 PM
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