Comments: lil' boys, indeed....

Dude. This has 'ScoobyDoo' written all over it... a Velma Complex.

Posted by Sadie on January 24, 2005 08:33 PM

... hey, it is no secret here at SWG... I love librarians... and Velma was a hot little tease...

Posted by Eric on January 24, 2005 08:39 PM

Here I was, getting ALL excited that you've finally licked that stuttering habit - thank the new browser - and lookie what you have to say...

My my...I think she's getting ready to ask you if you'd like to buy a box of girl scout cookies.

Posted by Key on January 24, 2005 09:31 PM

Well, well, well... it certainly sounds like you know what you want! Speaking from a woman's perspective, I've always thought that Audrey was the epitome of a woman. She was pretty, smart, funny & ladylike.
I would hope my son brings home that kind of girl.
That's my two cents! ;-D

Posted by Ali on January 24, 2005 09:58 PM

.. don't forget flexibility, Ali.. one can never underestimate the value of flexibility in a relationship...

Posted by Eric on January 24, 2005 10:04 PM

She still looks like she might break too easily to me. Of course... if you're shooting with a sidearm instead of a long rifle... never mind.

I ain't going there.

Posted by Acidman on January 24, 2005 10:37 PM

come on big 'E', she oozez's "FRIDGID"....:( or a dead root... i think ill go with the latter...and just to add salt to the wound...her acting sucked!

Posted by ohh please.... on January 24, 2005 10:39 PM

.. breakin 'em in is all part of it, Acidman.... I'd bet she'd drip like a leaky faucet in a heartbeat...

... "ohh please"?.. acting?... what acting... was she an actress?... I could give a shit less.. frigid, she was not...

.. Key, dear... girl scout cookies, maybe.. but, mouth-watering?.. most assuredly...

Posted by Eric on January 24, 2005 10:46 PM

Do I hear shades of Me Tarzan, you Jane? Eric, are you standing on the headboard of the bed, thumping your chest and doing the ape-like Tarzan yodel? Sorry. couldn't help myself LOL. Audrey was the type of female who made men feel manly, brought out the macho in them. But again, there's nothing wrong with that!

Posted by Junebugg on January 25, 2005 01:44 AM

Hey, I see one big problem here!! Isn't Audrey dead?? Isn't there a name for that,,,like necrophilia?? Unless, of course, you live in California, then I guess anything goes!

Posted by Michele on January 25, 2005 04:50 AM

.. Michele, I am talking about the 1956 version of Ms. Hepburn.. sheesh...

... and Junebugg.. heh.. Tarzan?... naahhh....

Posted by Eric on January 25, 2005 06:42 AM

Audrey! Yar. Katherine had that whole Parkinson's shit going on. Very disturbing. If a woman gonna twitch, it's gonna be because of me, not a damaged central nervous system. Just my thoughts.

Posted by Velociman on January 25, 2005 07:06 AM

Velociman - All twitches are a blessing. Be grateful for whatever you get :-)

Posted by Harvey on January 25, 2005 09:33 PM