hello. you don't know me, but I am your co-worker L.J.'s mom. I enjoy your blog. Anyways, I am deaf myself and use the relay. My funny story involves calling my sister (via the relay) to arrange a massage for the 2 of us at an upscale spa on the central CA coast. I never bother to see who my relay person is, 'cause what do I care! I can't hear them. But my sister said later--- the incoming call was from JESUS, with a very heavy accent, and a deep bass voice. I kept trying to ask her if she wanted to share MY little hot tub with me for a naked soak before our massage,but she wouldn't answer. All I kept getting on my end of the relay was "OMG", "((gasp))" and "(sounds like choking)". As you might know... the relay is quite faithful about transcribing every single sound coming over the line, so we deaffies don't feel left out and all. After next trying to ask if my sister might desire a MALE or a FEMALE (technician!!--for her massage..) I gave up. I was a bit concerned for her health, but assumed the relay operator--whoever he or she might be-- would let me know if it sounded like an emergency. I later found out my sister was laid out on the floor, laughing so hard she peed her pants. true story. carry on.

Posted by denise jones at February 4, 2005 12:10 PM


Thanks so much for sharing your story--my husband and I were laughing out loud. L.J. has told me that you read my blog and I'm very flattered. I love hearing relay stories, as I took ASL and interpreting classing in college, although I had to stop due to repetative motion injury problems. I hope you continue to read and comment. :)

Posted by ensie at February 4, 2005 06:48 PM

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