Comments: When You Move, Try To Remember Where You Put Things. You Might Want To Unpack Them Someday.

I know exactly how you feel about moving. I usually do this. Ok, where did I have that thing when we lived on the West Side? Ok. It was in the closet. So it probably went into X box which went into Y closet when we moved to the East Side. Eventually, that probably moved to storage room when baby came. Ok, storage room stuff came with us and moved to . . . basement. Ah, ha! Check boxes still in basement. This method may not work for you since you didn't live with me and it gets harder every day to remember where stuff used to be in an apartment I haven't lived in for 10 years. But, still. Actually, I bet this is of no help to you whatsoever.

Good luck with the recording!

Posted by RP at February 16, 2005 09:16 AM
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