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I sing that one quite often at karaoke. It's a fun song.

Posted by Derek at March 16, 2005 05:53 PM

I've played a few gigs with the chairmen - same billing not in his band. Though a few friends of mine have worked for Gen. Johnson. He amazes me simply because he cusses the hell out of his audience & they love it. Perhaps not a big deal now but he's always done that & we're talking about a black man cussing out white people in the south. (nothing too harshly intended - just "put your m-f'ing hands int he air" & such).

They're still gigging. East Coast entertainment was booking them (along with Muarice Williams & the Zodiacs & a few other 50's/do-wop/beach groups) & they had a pretty decent calander last I heard.

I wonder if Mookie is hip to 39-21-40 shape? lol & you might wanna keep an eye on her - beach music leads to shagging :D

BTW - if you're ever in the Carolinas & amongst people over 40 don't call that one a "minor classic" - they might get a might preturbed.

Posted by Publicola at March 17, 2005 08:18 AM

Publicola, you amaze me with your music knowledge. I understand the reasons for staying anonymous and for the almost exclusive 2A postings, but damn, I can just imagine the stories you could tell...

Posted by Ted at March 18, 2005 06:24 AM
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