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Thanks for the second annual shout-out for the holiday.

Posted by Aaron's cc: at April 14, 2005 12:09 PM

I got a 10mm Tanfoglio Witness Hunter imported by EAA (like a lot of us, it was a few days early for official BAG day). It's a beautiful gun, beautiful fit & finish. So far as I can tell from the Hunter, the Witness is probably the most underpriced pistol on the market, which is presumably a result of EAA's embarrassing marketing in the past. The Hunter models are twice as expensive as the regular Witness, though; it's possible some of my praise for this gun might not apply to the regular models, but I think it will and I intend to find out before they fix their marketing and raise the price. (They're working on the marketing; I don't know that they intend to raise the price, but I think they could charge more if they could get the word out).

I've only had time to put 72 rounds through it so far, many of those one round at a time as I was zeroing the adjustable sights, but there were no malfunctions or break-in issues. Wish I had a machine rest to properly evaluate the accuracy, as my offhand shooting is only good enough to say it's pretty accurate.

The chamber is fully supported. 165 gr. Golden Saber Double Tap brand ammunition, advertised at 1425 fps, which bulged the case frighteningly in my Glock 20, showed no unusual bulges in the Witness. From the feel though, I'd say a heavier recoil spring is in order for this ammo (as would also be true of the Glock if I ever intended on firing it in the Glock again).

The 10mm double-stack Witnesses have a large grip which is very comfortable in my large hand. It might not be so good for a smaller hand, though. Other Witness models are single-stack and/or smaller cartridges, which would better fit a smaller hand.

Posted by CharlesH at April 15, 2005 08:31 AM

Well, with today's purchase I've got three out of the 5 you recommend. A Browning Buck Mark (.22 handgun), a Mosin-Nagant M38 (rifle), and the latest is a Glock 30 (centerfire handgun). Next up is hopefully a Savage Mark II-G, because I've got an unnatural affection for bolt-actions and those suckers are C-H-E-A-P, especially at Wally World.

Would you count an 8mm Mauser as a medium or large bore?

Posted by Dave D at April 15, 2005 11:35 AM

Your B.A.G. links listed an article by Kim du Toit referencing Massad Ayoob's comments on rights & privileges concerning CCW. Ayoob's comment has disturbed me since "In The Gravest Extreme". I'm still somewhat concerned of Ayoob's intent, but the 80+ posts on Kim's blog covers the issue quite fully.

Ther are many who cannot manage the expense of extra training or the costs of getting to a location distant from their locale. I would love to have additional training beyond what I have received, besides my life long association with firearms thru my father, a well docorated WWII vet, Bronze, Silver and Purple heart w/clusters.
It just isn't finacially feasible. Vermont seems to do all right.

Another issue of interest was privite property rights. The mindset seems to be that property owners who cater to the public have the right to refuse CCW. At least some states recognize that catering to the pulic creates a different set of rules. These states have created laws, specificially safety laws for catering to the public. Utah, for one sees this and doesn't allow business to refuse CCW. One's home is a whole different set of rules.

Thanks for your time and attention.

HK Latham
Vernal, UT

Posted by HKLatham at April 16, 2005 08:25 PM

Enjoyed your points about shotgun shells.

Posted by Shotgun Shells Expert at November 6, 2005 08:03 AM
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