Comments: Sunday Aircraft Cheesecake (A-10 Thunderbolt a/k/a "Warthog")

Sweet! One of my favorite planes, even if it was designed to kill my tank.

Posted by Eric at April 24, 2005 11:27 PM

A ? re: aircraft cheesecake because I'm too lazy to go searching through the archives: have you ever done a series on the gliders used in the D-Day landing?

Amazing stuff they achieved with those.

Posted by Kathy at April 25, 2005 01:03 AM

Kathy, I haven't featured any of those gliders yet, but that's a good idea.

Posted by JohnL at April 25, 2005 08:35 AM

Last year, for the 60th Anniversary, I "liveblogged" the D-Day landings, meaning I went through and constructed a timeline of what happened and when it happened and posted it at the exact time. Pretty dorky, I know, but it was informative. I learned more about D-Day than I had ever thought possible. I honestly had not heard anything about the gliders before I did that post, and I thought they were fascinating. Particularly since they were constructed of wood and wrapped in canvas, which was painted with camo. Just amazing stuff.

Posted by Kathy at April 25, 2005 11:55 PM

That was a great set of pictures!

Posted by RP at April 26, 2005 07:05 AM
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