Hey Matt. How's life treating you?

You ever try to use to get around the registrations? I have a fictional person I do all my signing in as, but hate them enough to even do that. Give it a try if.

Posted by gunner at May 6, 2005 08:30 PM

I never said the NRA was run by the anti-christ, I said they were run by the false prophet. ;) It was an ex-g/f of mine whom I thought was the anti-christ, but it turned out it was 665 tattoed on the back of her neck. :D

& the gent who became pro-gun & a criminoligist through rabbit hunting & one lecture - if he loves long guns so much why didn't he tell us more about the uber-rare WW1 Springfield in .30-03? I'd love to hear the details on that one. lol

But that sort of attitude wa snot uncommon amongst gun owners. It still isn't rare enough. Granted, that was well before the Cincinatti Revolt of 77 but methinks that sort of attitude is not as archaic as I'd like. Visit The Michael Bane Blog (it's on the blogroll) & check out his posts concerning the emphasis on hunting rather than target shooting as far as promoting the shooting sports are concerned.

Posted by Publicola at May 7, 2005 12:58 AM
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