Comments: Die, Eight-Legged Hellspawn

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You're an arachnocidal maniac, CD!

Posted by Army NCO Guy at May 14, 2005 02:05 PM

Hey, they deserve it.

Posted by CD at May 14, 2005 02:12 PM

You better come to terms with your arachnicism before the ACLU comes to trample your civil liberties.

Posted by Army NCO Guy at May 14, 2005 06:17 PM

remind me not to grow 4 more legs and piss you off.

Posted by tommy at May 14, 2005 09:20 PM

We used to get them in droves during the spring. And they so love the basement, which is where our entertainment center is. So, one night, I am sitting downstairs watching a movie and out of the corner of my eye, I catch movement. One of the little bastards drifted down between the panels in our ceiling and got decided to stick to the frames of my glasses. I wigged... completely and totally freaked out. It wasn't pretty.

Posted by Ethne at May 15, 2005 11:11 AM