Comments: Setting the Record Straight on the .50 BMG

The same can be said of claims (which, I'm happy to report, I haven't heard recently) that no one has ever committed a crime with a lawful, ATF-registered machine gun. Not true. I know of at least one incident from the 1970s, in which a Class III dealer used an M16 to kill his estranged (ex-?) wife and himself. I've seen the newspaper clippings. Normally that wouldn't prove much, because the papers so often get it wrong with respect to guns. But my dad was a local newspaper photographer in a neighboring town at the time, and new the cops well. He was able to confirm that it really was an NFA gun, not just an AR15. I wouldn't take the paper's word for it, but I will take Dad's: He hardly ever got it wrong when it came to guns.

Posted by Matt at May 30, 2005 10:13 PM

Which is why we should never base our arguments for RKBA on statistics. Never. Statistics can change. And no matter how many crimes are committed with a self-defense tool, if there is a single lawful use of that tool, the law-abiding have the right to use it for that lawful purpose.

Keeping and bearing arms is a RIGHT. If you need to ask permission, if it can be restricted, if some arms can be banned, then that right has been turned into a privilege.

Jeff Snyder's "A Nation of Cowards" is the best book I've read about the ethics of gun control. Not a statistic mentioned anywhere.

Posted by Bill St. Clair at June 1, 2005 02:57 PM
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