Comments: California Moves Closer to "Ammo ID" Law

You got it, Jed: "the Ronnie Barrett" option. A lot of us would buy a gun from any company that did what he did, just to show our support and to make up for any potential financial loss. Hell, I'm thinking about buying a .50 from Barrett, and I don't even want one.

Posted by Brerarnold at June 4, 2005 07:22 AM

Every year I see the California NRA Junior Team at the National Matches. Most of their coaches are state employees and LEOs. The kids have never heard of any law limiting their access to firearms, ammunition or ranges.
It's illegal for a person under 21 to even TOUCH an AR in California.
My guess is that their coaches are ignoring all California firearm laws.
I'm just saying. This year I am going to talk to the coaches themselves and find out what's up.

Posted by Robert at June 6, 2005 12:57 PM
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