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Just who is it supporting Emminent Domain seizures? Every blog I come across, regardless of the political affiliation, absolutely hates the idea.

Posted by Karlo at June 25, 2005 05:31 AM

The kinds of seizures now codified by SCOTUS have been going on for fifty years in this country.

Every major post-industrial city in the US is now a cement nightmare, with festering pathologies of all kinds, because of Urban Planning, Redevelopment Agencies and the habit of local government thugs of using State money to condemn this in order to have their relatives build that.

Here in the Northeast we have two generations of stinking, failed Redevelopment Projects in the process of being, once again, Redeveloped.

The lefty pricks on The Court and everywhere else are insulated from the worst effects of municipal tyrannies and thieves because they don't live in the areas in question. The poor and lower middle class are always the displaced or relocated pawns in the official criminal behavior of governments at all levels.

We'll learn how dedicated lefties are to property rights when they comprehend that this is also a victory for real estate developers. I don't expect a peep from them because lefties, as a rule, are a bunch of privileged swells who are also hypocrites where they aren't stupid.

Now I know why the French in 1789 just built scaffolds and gave up on their attempts to just move past the ruling classes.

Posted by Rhod at June 25, 2005 11:32 AM

It's reue that ED has been in use for years Rhod, but the difference is, with the new SCOTUS decision, they've made it open season for developers, and harder for homeowners to fight it.

Private property is even more of an illusion than it has been for the last hundred years. I hope that it might serve to wake some of the less indoctrinated moonbats up....though that may be overly optimistic.

Posted by delftsman3 at June 25, 2005 01:40 PM


I think it is overly optimistic. The Left will ignore this chiefly because they have no consistent principles in the first place. That The Court decision is a union of a grubby State time servers with avaricious developers will mean nothing to them. I'd be surprised if the average lefty even understood what happened. Most of them are dolts.

All they need to do is see Kennedy and Bader Ginzburg (which should be Bader-Meinhof) in the majority to legitimize the power grab. The Left is also no friend to Private Property, or "private" in any sense of the word except where it applies to abortion and sodomy.

I'm hopeful to this extent. Liberalism/Leftism in America is at the end of its road. History is passing it by day by day, and there might be some chance years down the road to have this overturned.

Posted by Rhod at June 25, 2005 10:41 PM
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