Comments: An Unregenerate Denomination?

There was a similar interview with Paige Patterson:

Patterson: Regrettably I have to believe that anytime you stand up and face a congregation these days in the average church you're looking at 30-40% that have never been born again and are not genuinely saved.

Dever: You mean in the evangelical church?

Patterson: I'm talking about in Baptist churches where we supposedly emphasize nothing in the world but regeneration. Lord knows what it is in some others, but I think that's true of us and I think it's because we have been very careless. We've been more concerned about numbers to report to the denominational press than we have been about genuine conversion. So, yes, I'm very concerned about it. Matter of fact, I've got to where, going into churches, I preach hardly anything else but the new birth anymore from one of 18-20 passages that I work from, just because I'm so concerned about that. So, yes, I do share your concern about that. It can't be any other way for us to have as much of the world in the pew as we presently have.

Posted by Chris at July 6, 2005 05:02 PM

Bust out the book of James, that will get some people thinking.

Posted by David at July 7, 2005 03:33 AM
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