Comments: How to explain this one?

I am SOOOO happy our sons are not playing together right now. Let me know when he gets past this stage. Then I'll be glad to invite you down to Disney. ;-)

Posted by vw bug at July 12, 2005 08:40 PM

He's trying to say Truck... he's not meaning to swear! Jeez!

Posted by Contagion at July 13, 2005 06:58 AM

I had a cousin that had problems saying Kentucky Fried Chicken

It came out as "fucky fried chicken"

They eventually just started calling it KFC

Posted by Machelle at July 13, 2005 07:17 AM

Reminds me of a story... my mother and father were just leaving Mass. Pa stopped to shake hands with the priest at the same time a dump truck was going past. I guess Ma was a little red in the face when I started grinning like an idiot, pointing and screaming "Fuck, fuck...!"

Come to think of it, I still do that.

Posted by That 1 Guy at July 13, 2005 07:57 AM

My old red Chevy S-10 is known as "Fred" from my then-3-year-old (now nearly 15, wherehasthetimegone!) nephew trying to say "Aunt Jenna's red truck" - which, of course, was pronounced "Aunt Jenna's fred fruck."

Posted by Jenna at July 13, 2005 11:57 AM

This was very funny. Not so funny when the day care director called me and asked me to keep my son home until I could work with him on his pronounciation.

Still, it was very funny. I had to work so hard at not laughing I got a migraine.

Reminds me of a Faulty Towers or was it a Monty Pyton skit.

Posted by Michele at July 13, 2005 07:09 PM

My sister could not pronounce her r's or tr's. So my brother would get her to say, 'I stepped in a truck full of shirts' and of course it would come out, 'I stepped in a F*ck full of Sh*t'. He LOVED that. She was 3. You have a long road, my friend. ;-)

Posted by Bou at July 13, 2005 10:22 PM

I could barely keep from laughing! My son is at that stage now too. It started with me telling my husband "Good Luck" for a job interview, his version was not so clean. But he says "sh" for his "s" sounds sometimes, so "sit here mom" doesn't always come out right either!

Posted by Oddybobo at July 14, 2005 08:25 AM

sound like *whispering*


Posted by ArmyWifeToddlerMom at July 14, 2005 09:22 AM

Just wait until he learns that goofy song, "Banana - nana - fo fanna, me my mo manna..."

and he tries it with truck.

Posted by Ogre at July 14, 2005 09:57 AM

I understood Contagion. I laughed the whole time I read it. I could just picture my son repeating what your son said WORD FOR WORD. Pronouncing it just the same way.

Posted by VW Bug at July 14, 2005 11:13 AM

Ok, I have heard of kids (even my own) mistaking FORK for f*ck, but never have I heard of a truck becoming a f*ck. LOL Gotta love the beginning stages of vocabulary. LOL

Posted by Denise at July 14, 2005 03:59 PM