Comments: Are you ready for some Football?

HAHa!! I like the idea of a refund for the poor seasons. It makes sense when you think about it... I'd say that 5 hundred thou a year to play a game for part of the year as a living is more than I could hope for...

But that could be just the 22,000 a year teacher salary speaking I guess...

Posted by virtue at July 28, 2005 06:47 PM

Excellent Post Contagion! I get so pissed off at these hold outs. You got a by it. Simple 'nuf.

Posted by Tammi at July 28, 2005 10:15 PM

Virtue, I used to feel the same way you did, however I have since changed my stance on it. Yes, most atheletes are overpaid, but that doesn't bother me much as that is the trend with all professional sports. Walker is set up to make $515,000 this season, however if he gets hurt and has a career ending injury he's out of a career.

As for the refund, nope, I don't agree with it. That would be like telling a teacher that if her class GPA average isn't at least 3.75 and all the kids score above the average on standardized testing they have to refund their salary.

Posted by Contagion at July 29, 2005 07:02 AM

Based on last season he wants more money. Okay, I’ll tell you what, the Packers then should get a refund on his first couple of seasons when he severely underperformed. That’s fair right? He wants more money for playing one good season, I figure he’s owes the Packers for two sub-standard seasons.

Yeah, they should apply this to all jobs. That way, when you further your education/skills. or just plain work harder at it, they can compare your current stats with the past, and ask for the money back they paid you because you obviously were stiffing them for years.
Pro sports suck, it's nothing but a bunch of greedy old men using young studs to make more money than can possibly be spent without WORKING at spending it. People get mad at these players wanting more money, holding out, or whatever, they seem to imply it is their salaries that raise the cost of tickets concessions, and merchandise. Guess again.
Baaaahhhh, this is one of a number of reasons I don't watch sports any more.

Posted by littlejoe at July 29, 2005 08:11 AM

I don't mind him trying to re-negotiate his contract. I *do* mind him not showing up for practice in the meantime.

Yeah, they were "voluntary", but the best way to get more money is to show you deserve it by working your ass off, even when you don't have to.

Posted by Harvey at July 29, 2005 11:18 AM