Comments: Florida girl sticks to her principles; turns down college scholarship from ACLU

She probably will be stripping at the local titty bar to make up the difference of the ACLU scholarship.....or even worse, perhaps sleeping with some poor sap to get the money. She sounds like a hypocrite in training, which means if she gets knocked up she will have an abortion, quietly of course.

Posted by B. P. at August 3, 2005 07:25 PM

B.P. - Nothing like a predjudiced liberal! You couldn't have pre-judged someone to any greater extent if you were a grand wizard for the KKK.

Posted by Odd Brian at August 4, 2005 05:24 PM

Odd Brian - What part of "probably" did you miss in my post or the word "perhaps"? When I said she sounds like a hypocrite in training, that is simply my opinion, which I am entitled to and of course, I realize that I could be wrong. For you to call me a "predjudiced liberal" is also your opinion, which you are entitled to as well, and of course, you could also be wrong. It is nice to see in your attack on me, that you are able to multi-task in your thinking by being a jackass and a moron at the same time.

Posted by B.P. at August 4, 2005 06:35 PM

B.P. - You were pre-judging her to be a hypocrite, which by definition makes you prejudiced. No different than if some white guy was to say, "That youth is a black male, so he's (probably) selling crack and (perhaps) raping white women".

I could be wrong about you being a prejudiced liberal, but I was simply making an observation based upon your attack on the girl whom I'm betting you've never met.

You only reinforce my belief that you are a liberal. You fly off the handle calling me a "moron" and "jackass" me after I simply described you using the "L" word. Based upon experience (and I live in a town heavily slanted to the left), liberal's typically become raving lunatics and make personal attacks on anyone that dares disagree with them and/or call them a liberal.

Posted by Odd Brian at August 4, 2005 07:26 PM
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