Comments: What Bush actually said

what does take responsibility mean? It seems like brownie was taking responsibility and lost his job.

It reminds me on another official in the Bush administration that took "Responsibility". Rumsfeld said he took full responsibility for Abu Greb fiasco. Only a few low level soldiers lost their job or were sent to prison. It seems they were the only people that were forced to take "Full Responsibility.

Posted by pissed off dem at September 13, 2005 03:49 PM

Woah! I came by fully expecting a blank page. Welcome back, Debbye! :)

Posted by Tuning Spork at September 13, 2005 06:13 PM

Kinda sucks when the blindingly obvious needs to be spelled out in a blog entry, doesn't it? But I guess that's the world we live in.

Posted by Kelvin at September 14, 2005 12:12 PM