Comments: Zen and the Art of Fly Fishing Volume 2

And by the same token if you have a Winston 5XX super rod or and Orvis anything the guy fishing up stream will not be able to tell what kind of rod that you have or should he give a damn. Sometime as fly fishermen we tend to think that the more we spend or that we get the newest trendy rod that we are really now in to fly fishing. I think that a rod is a personal thing that you have to experience to appreciate. Money and labels all set a side. If you like it and it does what you want it to do then that is your rod. At one time I had (and I'm still looking for another) a Shakespear rod that was at that time called an ultra light. In it hayday it was about a $7.00 rod. The best damn rod I ever owned. It had power and it had a delivery beyond all the graphite that I have ever owned. In some of the snobbery fishing places in the world you would not get a two minute conversaton from the folks who tend to live the tendy life. Hell yes you know the ones, the $100 blue jeans, the Simms $250 vest and the custom made fly reel. Nope you far below that league if you sport a fiberglass rod on the stream. But all in all at the end of the day the fish count will be about as close the enjoy will be about the same if not better in my case and I will not have to speak much longer then two minutes to a person who just doesn't get it, and for me this is one hell of a good day.

Posted by Bob Berry at September 24, 2005 08:19 PM
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