Comments: New Orleans flooded again

Yes, they are most definatly in my prayers. It is quite sad really, the poor people there. But I do wonder what the mayor was thinking when he told people that they could go back to New Orleans so soon. I think he has had a bit too much stress...

I haven't had the opportunity to visit anywhere around the gulf, though I was hoping to visit some old family friends sometime, who are in Texas. Major prayers from me are going that way.

Keep up the good blogging :D

Posted by Em at September 23, 2005 09:27 PM

This is short but revealing reflection of what a local American thinks of our Celine and a mindset about some of those sloshing around a flooded NO.
A homemade Salma Hayek would be a Celine Dion! On Larry King she said she
didn't understand why G. Bush didn't send kayaks to rescue those poor
people carry the 25 pair of jeans they just stole. That was after she
"opened" her TV. Some days it is more embarrassing than others to be a Canadian!

Neat pic of the dudes with the rifles. I can see the rumors about barefoot

OK the Fleur de Lys page design for the new site was awful... The fleur de Lys was nice but the layout and the font...eeew.

Please take a look now... way better, and the Blog roll toggles open and closed.. nice?

That's more like it.. eh? 73s TG

Posted by TonyGuitar at September 24, 2005 01:56 AM