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Yay!! Foxy is famous! I think you picked the grossest picture though,

Posted by Erin at October 11, 2005 05:26 PM

Speaking of the birth of was ?? years ago that another birth took place. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!! But as a mother, myself, I think it should be a day for the mothers also. So Happy Birthday to your Mother also.


Posted by ME at October 12, 2005 12:00 AM

I was fortunate to have a mother who saw that her children saw kittens being born when they pre-teens.
It is a wonderful way to inspire awe and respect for life in kids.
But the most wonderful of all is getting to help with the birth of a human baby. I had that honor when my 12 year old granddaughter was born. It gives real meaning to the word awesome. I was so priviliged to be there and the doctors were wonderful to let me help. It forged a bond between me and my daughter in law we would never have had otherwise. I was sorry I couldn't be there with the second granddaughter but I was home babysitting the first one.
I hope someday you and Husband get to have one with him helping. Puppies are nice but grandchildren are God given. (I'm not trying to take the thrill away, just enhance it for you!)

Posted by Ruth H at October 12, 2005 12:06 AM

Happy Birthday to my miracle of life, my daughter. The memory of your birth, that moment you were born, will be etched in my mind forever. I cannnot believe my daughter is now 28 years old, the age I was when your dad and I got married. Just seeing how you are with Charlie and how you talk to him, I know you will be a good mom someday. You are so patient and easygoing with him. I love that about you. And yes, I hope I will get to be there when you have your first baby. Thanks for sharing the puppy picture. Life truly is remarkable.
I love you,

Posted by Nancy at October 12, 2005 06:38 AM

You know, life works in mysterious ways. I check in on you often, it is so comforting to me to be able to glimpse in on your life and see that all is well, you're still happy, healthy, and PASSIONATE. Birth is a crazy thing - truly amazing - though I've now been through it, I am not sure I have seen anything born... its all kind of a blur. So here I sit, with my miracle baby and my sweet puppy dog - wishing you and I could have coffee or a glass of wine, and just plain catch up. I think of you often and admire your strength, courage, conviction, and passion. Happy birthday as well, I am sorry I didn't remember - but I have it now, and I really hope - when you turn 40, you are still publicly airing your voice, and I can check in on you.

Love, Lane (hugs to your mama and all your family- Peoria bred some really amazing folks!)

P.S. This is the only blog I read, and I don't really know how this all works (MIS degree and all) - so I really hope you see this message or you are somehow notified.

Posted by Lane (from Peoria) at October 13, 2005 05:49 AM