Comments: Christian Thoughts on Halloween

Thank you for the information about rings. I do not agree with celebrating Haloween, not because I am a prude but there are trappings of proffit to be made out of a Pagan thing. It is like Christmas - it has gone to far, we are not celbating Jesus christ - The Child born - we are just on to a good whicket and lets make money out of it. What we have made Christmas we can not change - but i am not going to sell anything to make money out of Halloween - and you are just as much to blame if you buy goods that celebrate Hallooween - Re the Bird seed this must be an American thing, and i do not know anything about a penny in a shoe. Here we - well others "Touch Wood" for good luck, and some people at a meal could throw a pinch of salt over their shoulder. Being now a Christian i do nither. Dont beleive in luck - so do not gamble - well hope i do not. [I beleive that the touching wood comes from the fact that in time gone by if you had gone on the chrusades you might bring back home a splinter of the cross - so people would touch wood - Jesus's Chross.]
Anyway thank you for your web site. - peter

Posted by Peter at October 25, 2005 08:49 AM
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