Comments: Book review revisited.

Talk about missing the whole damn point!

The point is, in fact, that Johnny reads childrens books while he poops.

What kind of a freak reads kiddie books while he's pooping?!


Anyway, let's get down to brass tacks.

People have been looking for deeper meaning in childrens books, movies, TV shows etc...for as long as they've been around.

Harry Potter isn't trying to convert children to witchcraft and the 3 wolves and the pig is a story about 3 wolves and a pig.
Tinkie-Winkie isn't gay and neither is SpongeBob Squarepants.
Dr. Seuss wrote with some underlying themes and made good use of a metaphor in his time...but just as often his books included nonsense for the sake of nonsense.

Do yourself a favor and bring a copy of "Adult Reading Material" magazine (now with no staple centerfolds)with you to the throne room like every red blooded american man should.

PS Please remember to flush.

Posted by Sarah the penguin at November 1, 2005 05:32 PM

Hey! I can't read "adult material" on the crapper! Next thing you know I'd be in the shower...Um... "washing" my naughty bits. Sure they'd be clean, but I'd never make it to work on time. :^)

The tacks are now brass!

I ain't arguing Potter, Tinkie, Bob, or the good Dr. All of those are examples of "original" Idea's and they stand on thier own as Children's Entertainment. "3 Wolves" is a retool of a story (that I believe has a good moral for kids) to something that is 180 degrees from the message of the first story. The "3 pigs" teaches that building strong will help you overcome adversity, and this new iteration teaches that someone should go begging for help every time something bad happens. The first story is apolitical, and the second has a decidedly political undertone.

I think that (aside from the subversion of the original story) the main problem I have with this book is the fact that I haven't seen a copy of the "3 pigs" story anywhere in the house. I don't have any problem with people reading this new one, but I'd rather that they read both to get the juxtaposition between the lessons.

Sure, I may be reading too much into somehting that's just a "Kid's Book", but learning has to start somewhere, and I'd rather it be a practical lesson.

P.S. I always flush.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at November 1, 2005 08:30 PM
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