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Powerful CBC propaganda.

What I like about this site is that one can refer Liberals here.

Those Liberals who can allow themselves to think will see the obvious truth here and at least vote CPC this one time.

That way the Liberal party can clear out the rotten wood and refresh itself. There are many honest Liberals. [ie:Allen Cutler]

If they get back in as a mortally wounded lame duck party, the scorn will be so severe, they could bite the dust permanently with no chance on earth of recovery. Canada too, may not recover properly.

Let's hope there are not too many *Rigid liberals* who refuse to allow themselves to think.

The CBC propaganda campaign that so skillfully instilled fear of Harper and the CPC has worked well beyond the dreams of Paul Martin and Liberal bosses.

I meet many people here on Vancouver Island who say they have to stick with the Liberal party because they are afraid of the Harper team.

What a misplaced fear that is. Harper and all have young families for which they want to keep Canada as a vibrant and well run place to live and prosper.

Martin and the Liberal bosses are Financial Empire builders who just want to further amass huge financial reserves at our expense.

That’s exactly what those who fear Harper are afraid of!

The Harper team would normally enjoy a landslide victory in the next election, except that the CBC and MSM fear mongering campaigns against Harper have been so powerful that it leaves a lot of room for doubt.

Hope for the best anyway. 73s

Posted by TonyGuitar at November 14, 2005 02:49 PM

I really am tired of American Republicans bearing Canadian Passports from coming into Canada and interfering with our political processes. That is precisely what happened under Lyin Brian Mulroney, who begot Preston Manning, who begot Stockwell Day who begot Stephen Harper.

Their rotten fascist American Politics have no place in Canada, and have done immense damage to the Canadian Conservative Movement, and has crippled the Progressive Conservative Party as the Official Opposition. That great party put together by MacDonald and Cartier has been infiltrated by Emperor George Bush II type "neocons" and they produced the largest public debts in Canadian History. ONLY NOW, are Canadians crawling out from the Mulroney Train Wreck. Unlike the lunatics south of the border, proposed future tax cuts in Canada are being targeted upon on the lower income levels.

Now the pigs in the "neocon" movement, together with Separatists and Socialists, wish to deny Canadians the full set of facts from the Gomery Commission before an election.

What is Harper afraid of? Are we going to find out that Mulroney and Mazankowsky, together with the Gramesian Brothers, the Reichmanns, and Manulife are implicated up to their asses in the massive fiscal wreck in 1993 and that Judge Gomery is going to implicate them as well in his final report?

This election is a no brainer. The problem is not the CBC, its not Her Majesty the Queen, its not the Governor General, and its not the current Prime Minister. The real problem is that we do not have a competent alternative which is what the Official Opposition is paid to provide Canadians.

Stephen Harper is the Grinch that Stole Christmas in our household, and I for one, am going to make him and his party PAY for that.

As for right wing crazies that have come into this country to subvert Canadian Democracy, I would tell these "neocons" like Tom Long, and Rod Love to F**K OFF and disappear into the sunset and take the FOX PROPAGANDA NETWORK WITH YOU.

And while you are at it, please remove the CIA remnants of organized criminals in this country, such as the decendents of Hal Banks, and so forth. The Mounties kicked out Royal American Shows from Tampa Florida a number of years ago for criminal activity, including drug dealing, and the time has come to do the same with the rest of these undesirables from south of the border.

Time for you to learn some manners Debbye.

Posted by Joe Green at November 15, 2005 05:04 AM

Heavens, Joe, what are you on about? If you're referring to me, I am not a Republican (I'm a registered Independent and intend to remain so) and I don't carry a Canadian passport as I'm not a Canadian citizen.

We've had our disagreements, but your paranoia has reached an all-time high.

Posted by Debbye at November 15, 2005 10:02 AM

Whew! Did the cat piss in his corn flakes? Maybe he wasn't wearing his tinfoil beanie whe the little black helicopters flew over with their ray guns.

Posted by DoubtingThomas at November 15, 2005 01:57 PM

"I really am tired of American Republicans bearing Canadian Passports from coming into Canada and interfering with our political processes."

If we wanted to interfere with your "political processes" we'd send the Marines, not civilians.

As for the Go'auld - HEY! I was the first one to say that (at least at all the blogs I read - even tho I think the show has totally gone downhill after about season 7 when it became the Amanda Tapping Show and brought in that SG Atlantis stuff).

Posted by Jay at November 15, 2005 02:00 PM

The National Post carried a doctored photo of Dr. Rice last April when she met with M Putin. Putin was giving her the evil eye, or would have if she'd been in the room, she was added later and the shadows were all wrong. It looked like I did it, that's how sloppy it was. I didn't have a scanner at the time so I had no way to record the effort.

She may be the new cover girl for Adobe Photo Shop Software, she sure is popular with it’s adherents.

Posted by Blair Hansen at November 15, 2005 04:35 PM

Memo to Joe Green: Time to renew the old prescription buddy.

Posted by Blair Hansen at November 15, 2005 04:42 PM

Yeah Joe, back on your meds kid.

* We were dismayed at the regressive proposals that were presented [ To the Review Committee on changes to freedom-of-Information laws].*

Jason Gratl, B.C Civil Liberties guy in a letter to BC labour Minister Mike de Jong.

Damn that Paulie, who just rubbed noses with our leader Gordon Campbell. He's rubbed the great secrets trick into our Premiere.

The B.C. Freedom of Information & Privacy Association are all VERY upset now, among others.

Paulie, you recall slammed a [Life Term] secrets clamp on more than 6000 Govt. mandarines and the Canadian NewsPapers Association did a lot of screaming on that. Who listened?

Terrorism is a godsend for the Libranos, eh?

I doubt if the secrets stuff will get in the way of reclaiming public servants pensions though.

Yes indeed. Many cans of worms to be straightened out. Enough to drive one to distraction.

Distractions like adding a page to the World's Largest Free & editable Encyclopedia. Imagine! And I, who barely understands the concept of accurate spelling.

The page you are looking for? .. United Democratic Nations

Wow! .. The Gall eh? TG

Posted by TonyGuitar at November 15, 2005 06:01 PM

Jay wrote:

"If we wanted to interfere with your "political processes" we'd send the Marines, not civilians."

Last time you morons tried that, in 1812, you had your asses run out of town, and Canadians and Brits marched down to Washington and burned down the White House. Dolly Madison fled into the night wearing nothing but her bloomers.

Its time you "neocon" musclemen learned some manners, and if you need to relearn what it feels like to lose your scalp, perhaps you all need a booster shot.

Read some history before you come here and say a lot of dumb things. No one, least of all Canadians, are intimidated with such threats. This is Canada, not Guatamula. Go peddle your CIA drug business elsewhere.

Posted by Joe Green at November 16, 2005 02:31 AM

Debbye, I have reached the end of my patience with American media operating in our country. Like you, they constantly distort and devalue Canadian institutions, processes, values and ideals, and I for one am completely fed up with it.

Just look at how many "pretend Canadians" we have in the current "Canadian media", when you look at such loose cannons as Diane Francis for example, who purports to write on "financial matters". Give it a rest.

You don't see Ms. Francis and others of her ilk writing about American breaches in NAFTA as being something between American corporations and "nominal Canadian corporations" that are owned and operated by Americans in this Country. Why present this story as a "Canada vs America" story in NAFTA when in fact, its a conflict between American multinational companies???

Finally, how about having the FOX Propaganda Network disprove the torture stories being run on the CBC coming out of Iraq?

Posted by Joe Green at November 16, 2005 02:44 AM

Joe, Great, you and many others are fed up. While you may not get everything just right, you are at least motivated.

That's more than you can say for many glazed over Canadians. You will likely get off the couch on voting day.

I will be voting on that day and in the meantime doing what I can to debunk the CBC propaganda that has so many people thinking Harper is a Boogy-Man. De-bunk sites:

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Posted by TonyGuitar at November 16, 2005 05:27 PM

Looks as though the Identity_id error is fixed as of now. 13:30 PST. Hope it stays solid. Angry was doing a test...
lost comments. Lots of fun. TG

Posted by TonyGuitar at November 16, 2005 05:31 PM

Motivations Liberal

Is it with urges porcine
I embark my political climb?

Posted by TonyGuitar at November 16, 2005 10:21 PM
"If we wanted to interfere with your "political processes" we'd send the Marines, not civilians."

"...Canadians and Brits marched down to Washington and burned down the White House."

Nice condescending lecture on historical ignorance there, Joe. Pot, meet kettle. There were no Canadian troops engaged in or anywhere near the burning of Washington, despite this being a persistent Canadian national myth: the forces involved were British Army regulars, Royal Marines, and sailors of the Royal Navy. The only Canadian connection to that campaign is that the fleet stopped in Halifax on its way back to fighting Napoleon, which is why General Ross, who was killed at Baltimore, is buried there.

Nor did the British burn DOWN the White House, as should be rather plainly apparent from its still being there. They charred the paint off, and the fire destroyed most of the original interior, but there was no real structural damage.

As for the Marines, the Commandant's Residence at 8th and I was spared by the British as a mark of respect for the USMC.

"...they constantly distort and devalue Canadian institutions, processes, values and ideals..."

Last I checked, it was you who was defining anyone who disagreed with you as un-Canadian or "pretend Canadians."

Posted by Dave J at November 17, 2005 02:05 AM

Ooh, Dave, you are tampering with a Canadian myth!

If you really want to draw blood, ask if they can place the War of 1812 in the context of the Napoleonic Wars. Ask them if French-Canadians were members of the "Canadian" forces and remind them that the newly American French inhabitants of New Orleans fought with us to beat the British.

Ask where these "Canadian" troops were during the more important bombardment of Fort McHenry and if history might have been different if the English has managed to it (replying "the trip home certainly would have been easier" doesn't count!)

More seriously, the English population in Canada more than doubled when Loyalists moved north after the War of Independence so this myth has more to do with vengeance than history.

The Great Lakes stayed open, the British stopped seizing our sailors ("impressment") and our merchant ships continued to trade with France.

The British and U.S.A. have had excellent relations since and we don't sing the second stanza of the Star Spangled Banner.

If Canadians wanted to be pissed off about anything it should be how we re-drew the map after the purchases of the Louisiana and Alaska territories. Now that was scandalous!

Posted by Debbye at November 17, 2005 09:49 AM

DaveJ wrote this:

"There were no Canadian troops engaged in or anywhere near the burning of Washington, despite this being a persistent Canadian national myth: the forces involved were British Army regulars, Royal Marines, and sailors of the Royal Navy."

You are flat wrong. The facts are that Canada was attacked in 1812 by the American Army at a time when British regulars were on the Continent at war with Napoleon. Canada was defended by Canadian militiamen, Quebecers that decided to fight the American invaders of their Province, and the First Nations under Tecumseh following the brilliant military leadership of General Issac Brock.

During that defensive war, at one point, Canadian and British regulars and militia underwent a march in the dead of winter from the Maritimes to reinforce the garrison in Quebec. The Americans did succeed in attacking and torching York (now called Toronto) and that so inflamed passions, that when British military reinforcements arrived the following spring, a major assault was organized upon Washington itself, as retribution for the burning of York. Make no mistake, the White House did not merely suffer a little "smoke inhalation", it was destroyed by fire set by the British regulars and Canadian militias that invaded Washington, forcing Dolly Madison into the night. That is no myth, that is the historical fact. The reason its called the White House is because of the whitewash used to cover over the burned out damage.

Nor do I see your revolutionary war in any other context except a tragic one, since Americans lost an evolutionary continuity with the English Speaking world once the revolution ruptured the "rule of law" and the Crown. These unfortunate consequences still resonate down through the centuries where we continue to see bizzare legal consequences that arise out of that "revolution".

Why should Canadians abandon the certainty of "habius corpus" under Canadian law and tradition, for the uncertainty of a Bush Supreme Court that may or may not respect such long legal traditions as we have been endowed with in Canada?

Posted by Joe Green at November 22, 2005 05:26 AM