Comments: I Hate Lou Bachrodt Automall.

Sounds like a nightmare dealership. Arghh!

Posted by oddybobo at November 16, 2005 09:44 AM

Seems like you need to get the GM on speed dial. It is amazing what they will do when they know their employees are screwing things up. Heck, if you think they're milking General Motors, I'd put a call into them, too.

Posted by Ogre at November 16, 2005 10:01 AM

Geeze - I would get on the phone with auto mechanics in the area - see if any of them do warranty work for Chevy or if you MUST take it back to the dealership. If you must - I would seriously consider a dealer elsewhere - like Elgin. See if you can talk to the service people on the phone and if you drive it down can you wait for them to work on it. Extra time and annoyance - but if it gets fixed right... that would be a bonus.

As for the service department - get on the Chevy web site and find out who you can complain to. Tell them you're gonna sell every Chevy you own and you will buy Ford... plus you've put the entire story on your web site for the world to see. That should get some response!

Posted by Teresa at November 17, 2005 09:56 PM