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Sarah, my shoppette just put up the new pricing and 200L of regular unleaded is now $133. That's down $30~ or so (maybe less). So keep an eye out they are supposed to have dropped it.


Posted by Household6 at December 1, 2005 12:26 PM

I don't mean to make any deep point here, but about that Yahoo story... You've got a couple of soldiers who start giving kids candy, hoping that they are less likely to be attacked by terrorists if kids are hanging around. Is that a great plan? I don't doubt that they developed real affection for those girls, and of course when they were worried about an attack once they tried to protect them, but still, trying to use kids to shield yourself doesn't seem like the best of ideas.

Posted by Pericles at December 1, 2005 02:37 PM

I love being called to task over gas prices :) haha I came SO close to posting about this over the weekend, but decided that I didn't want to complain every SINGLE month about gas prices...

This was in Sunday's paper - I read it in amusement, after reading an article from back home, where they were complaining about the prices now being in the "high $1.90's."

We end up talking about gas prices just about every month now - and apparently, it "costs" AAFES $0.16 per gallon to pay for shipment of the fuel as well as the gas coupon program.

The letters to the editor (I'm not sure if they show up in the online version of the paper here or not?) in the Sunday papers have focused on the prices for weeks now. Apparently, there is a lot of confusion about that "average" price we're supposed to be paying - because it includes taxes. And, of course, that doesn't make much sense for the average they base our paying price on to include sales tax, which we don't pay on any of the other goods here.

Good grief. I think maybe I should have posted this weekend after all :)

Posted by The Girl at December 1, 2005 04:52 PM

So our gas prices here are $1.90 (on post) for regular unleaded and yours are STILL $2.78? Who's getting that extra $.88 (well minus the shipping fee)?? I remember the almost three years of overseas shoppette gas prices...they've gotten worse, I must say. I'll keep you posted on our "post" prices...and will pray that yours go down!!!!

Posted by Nicole N at December 1, 2005 05:55 PM

Gas prices in New Jersey just went to $1.84.
We are enjoying this while it lasts...
Love you guys...

Posted by Kelly's Mom at December 1, 2005 08:16 PM

Here is the Oklahoma heartland we're at $1.91. Gas prices are one thing I don't miss about Germany. Stay strong!

Posted by Vonn at December 2, 2005 04:15 AM

That's a pretty big leap isn't it Pericles? That soldiers main motivation for being nice to kids is to draw them in as a quasi-human shield? As if it would help draw some sympathy from Zarqawi's gang! I spent a year in Iraq in a Sunni stronghold and kids swarmed us like we were rock stars. In fact we were discouraged from handing out candy or school supplies straight from Humvees because it encouraged kids to run up to us as we drove by and we didn't want them getting hurt if we were attacked. We try to minimize civillian casualties, get it? The enemy tries to maximize them.

Posted by Joe D. at December 2, 2005 09:41 PM