Comments: MR AND MRS

I raised my children to address ALL adults as Mr., Mrs. or Ms. no matter what their age.

Adult=living independently and paying bills

Here in Oklahoma everyone is addressed as Ma'am or Sir. I love it! I used to think it made me feel old, but now I see it's a simple show of respect.

Posted by Vonn at December 6, 2005 10:42 PM

My daughter lives in Georgia, it is the norm there.


Posted by Brad at December 6, 2005 11:26 PM


I don't know if it's regional, but I think it just has to do with how "fuddy-duddy" our parents were. My mom taught me to say "Mr." or "Mrs." until the adult told me to do otherwise.

But I hate being called Mrs. Erin. It reminds me of when I was in daycare!

Posted by Erin at December 7, 2005 07:26 AM

That's interesting that you brought this up. When we were in Germany, I noticed that many children were addressing adults as (esp women) Mr or Miss, followed by first name. I was told that this practice was a "southern thing"...I had never heard of doing this...I'm from the north (Yankee) and I grew up addressing adults as Mr or Mrs, followed by last name, as you said. I actually prefer being called by my first name (Mrs makes me feel OLD). When I was in college, most of my professors asked to be called by their first names...liberal university ;)

Posted by Nicole at December 7, 2005 03:24 PM

i agree. i still feel somewhat uncomfortable calling "adults" by their first name. Even though i fit Vonn's definition of "adult" i don't think of myself as one, and i'd e horrified if some young whippersnapper referred to me as Ms.

Posted by annika at December 7, 2005 04:58 PM

yes, we are fuddy-duddies, and we happen to be correct...

i'm an asst scoutmaster for my son's Boy Scout Troop, and i can guarantee that all of our adults are "Mister" or "Mrs."

we even had one of our Eagle scouts turn 18, so we brought him back as another asst Scoutmaster, and all the Scouts have to refer to him as "ASM {last name}", even though they use his first name in the hallways at school.

Posted by MajMike at December 7, 2005 05:52 PM

My friends children either call me Miss Tammi or if we are really close Aunt Tammi.

It's always been there - with all of them.

But I noticed so many children don't any more. I still struggle with that. I'm in Sales and when I'm making calls I still refer to them as Mrs/Mr/Miss until I've gotten to know them or they tell me other wise.

Posted by Tammi at December 8, 2005 02:25 AM

There has to be SOME benefit to being an adult.
I would have never dreamed of calling an adult
by anything other than their honorific and surname. I expect the same treatment now that
I'm the "grown up".

Let's expect more from the kids of the world.

Posted by Miss Rogers at December 12, 2005 07:15 PM