Comments: No Surprise Here

You poor thing. You scored much higher than I did. To put this in the language of the tester, this test was totally bogus, duh.

Posted by Greg at December 14, 2005 02:06 PM

I am an engineer with a hosting company and I only scored a 57%, "wannabe geek."

The quiz was lame. I don't know real people who talk like that.

Posted by Ryan DeBarr at December 14, 2005 08:00 PM

I think I skewed my results slightly, because it was pretty easy to figure out what answers would give the higher scores -- though I really DO know how to program in Pascal.

Posted by Warren at December 14, 2005 08:02 PM

That's the thing. There are a ton of technical questions I knew.

But I don't worship at the feet of Linus Torvalds, use stupid hacker talk, or spend all my time gaming.

I don't really know anyone who actually does speak in l33t or play games all day, and I know some very, very technical people.

Posted by Ryan DeBarr at December 14, 2005 08:06 PM

But there is the fact that I don't consider myself a geek.

I guess I did well to score that low considering what my job is.

Posted by Ryan DeBarr at December 14, 2005 08:12 PM

I think the quiz was geared toward wanna-bes rather than already-ares. That seems to be the focus of some of the questions, anyway.

So what does that make me .....

Posted by Warren at December 17, 2005 10:09 AM

I think it comes down to the definition of "geek." Computers, to me, aren't "fun", they're "work." And the stuff I play with isn't necessarily cool. It's just stuff that makes all the cool things work.

If I were a geek, my RSS feed would work.

Posted by Ryan DeBarr at December 20, 2005 10:59 PM
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