Comments: LAZY?

Michael Moore blew the lid off of the Cheney-Bush Oil Junta in the documentary Fahrenheit 911.

The real question is not why Democrats would allow themselves to be lumped together with such a radical truth-teller, but why so many people would be lumped together with the rich exploiters, racists, and religious fundamentalists that is the GOPOC: The Grand Old Party of Criminals.

Posted by IS LED BY NONE at December 27, 2005 04:03 PM

Good question. I guess for me it is the betrayel of the working class values espoused by the Democrats while I was growing up in favor of more socialist values. They became less representative of what I and other blue-collared workers believed in and more about what the enemies I enlisted to fight believe in.

Considering how appreciative the party has become of radical anti-American leftists and how unsupportive they have been of working class people, it's no wonder so many of us are defecting to the Republican party. I mean unemployed, but secure in the knowledge that I had strong union protection when the company stayed afloat, compared to no union protection and more jobs is a question with an obvious answer.

Another question, one that neither parties addresses adequately but the Democrat party is against, is how to adress rampant illegal immigration that deflates blue-collar wages and takes jobs away from blue-collar workers. Certainly picking cabbage is not among them, but dry-walling, roofing, welding, carpentry, and construction labor are. I myself have personally seen illegal immigrants at work at welding positions that I would have done. I know carpenters and other construction workers that have been forced to move because of the glut in housing construction illegal hiring practices. Let's see Michael Moore address that with the same zeal as Roger & Me, and TV Nation (back when I was a fan).

Another good question, though one the Democrats have always failed to pose, is why do so many (an overwhelming majority) of those who choose to give up so much of their life (including that life itself) and choose to give up some freedoms that most take for granted choose to be Republican rather than Democrat. Beyond ad hominen attacks about their intellectual capacity and morality, it is a question the Democrat party has failed to ask themselves and appears to have no interest in.

Rambling and talking bubbles now, turns out that I also am now boiling mad.


Posted by Kalroy at December 28, 2005 12:40 AM