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It's very good to see that the word on Kwanzaa is finally getting around.

Posted by Francis W. Porretto at December 28, 2005 01:33 PM

After 30+ years on this earth, I have yet to meet someone (anyone) who celebrates Kwanzaa. It's sad that it receives so much attention and publicity.

Posted by Vonn at December 28, 2005 04:04 PM

I wonder if you believe in the possibility of redemption? It's clear that Maulana Ron Karenga's history with the Black Panthers and his abuse of those women was not admirable was not admirable, but he went to prison, claims to have repented for his prior wrongs. He served his time. While there is no doubt that his past will enevitably color his later actions, how much should we hold someone for past crimes they have served sentences for?

For instance our current president in his 30s took his brother out drinking, drove home drunk, smashed through the neighbor's trashcans, careened across their lawn, and come to a stop on his Father's lawn. When his father came out to confront him, GWB attemted to get in a fist fight with him. Our president had a long history of drug abuse and heavy drinking, during which he said that he did many things he is not proud of. He has been arrested (at least) three times, first for stealing from a Hotel, second for brawling at a Yale game, third for a DWI (which he later lied about in an attempt to cover it up). Even after he cleaned up his life he has done things like making millions in insider trading deals at Arbusto while his company collapsed, coooked the books for Harken in ways which are now illegal, mocked a woman who he denied clemency to (a woman who had started the most successful prison ministry in history, and who the Pope, Jerry Fallwell, and Pat Robertson all wanted Bush to grant clemency to).

Given that in the past you have said that GWB is a good and honest man (though claiming he is honest is willfull ignorance), I am assuming that you thing that he has been redeemed for his past wrongs. Why is it that the white guy can find redemption, but black guys like Tookie and Karenga can't?

Posted by Mr. Silly at December 28, 2005 06:34 PM

Theft-Drunken stupidty-Youth

Posted by Vonn at December 28, 2005 07:23 PM

True that 'college pranks' are not the same. But theft, physically threatening one's father, DWIs, and executive fraud are not 'college pranks.'

FWIW, Bush defenders seems to have a handy way of creating a euphemism for every wrong Bush commits. Even torture has ben morphed into a 'fraternity prank.' Orwell would be very proud.

But on the topic of torture and murder, since Bush has been responsible for the bombing of untold numbers of innocents in Iraq (and elsewhere), and has also been a legal advocate of torture (despite using rhetorical doublespeak that is the opposite of his administrations legal defense of torture). The 'Bad Apple' excuse is BS. As Commander In Chief, and the author of the scheme to invade a nation that posed no threat to us, he is personally responsible for the torture in Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, Gitmo, and via CIA's 'rendition' torture of innocent civilians in various other countries,

Posted by Mr. Silly at December 29, 2005 01:16 AM

And I'll bet that Mr. Silly would say that "Clinton lied, but nobody died."

The point you make is well taken...HOWEVER I'd be willing to guess that if Bush cured cancer, found a cure for the common cold, and designed a better helmet giving the average NHL player a higher standard of cranial protection you'd still find something wrong, evil and sinister about him.

He's damned if he does...damned if he doesn't. I'm glad that a majority still counts in this country. Better get your kook base motivated for 2006 and 2008, but I doubt much is going to change on the surface of American politics.

See you on the high ground...


Posted by MajorDad1984 at December 29, 2005 06:34 AM


I think you are mistaking me for a partisan. I am not a partisan. There is nobody in Washington who comes close to representing my views, so I do not have the luxury of treating politics like it is a battle between sports teams where I always want my favorite to win. I am critical of all politicians for their failures, not for their political parties, which is something that many members of mainstream political parties find confusing. Currently partisans on the Right control all three branches of the government, so there isn't a lot to say about the Dems, other than that they are pathetically incapable of fighting for anything, and they have a strong trend towards moving to the right and abandoning their principles at the drop of a hat.

When it was relevant I was quite harsh on Clinton when he was in office. I was bothered, but not really so horrified by his adultery and pathetic coverup, but I certainly was critical of his expansion of executive power, NAFTA, his administration's handling of Ruby Ridge/Waco, and other things. I do not think that he was nearly as bad as Bush, since Clinton at times did try to implement policies submitted by policy experts over politics, even when it alienated the base. Bush has yet to ever have shown that courage.

Were Bush to cure cancer, or do some other positive thing I would certainly give him his props. It should be noted that Bush has done no such thing, and in his (highly political and unprincipled) opposition to stem cell research, he has actually put research into possible significant medical treatments on the back burner. Honestly, nothing is black and white, but it is surprisingly it is difficult for me to find an example of Bush acting in an admirable and selfless way, though if a legitimate example came up, I'd acknowledge it.

Posted by Mr. Silly at December 30, 2005 12:17 AM

Silly, try reading the articles.

Not only are the roots of Kwanzaa wrong (it was designed solely to be a black holiday and futher divide whites and blacks in the racially charged 60s), but Karenga was arrested years AFTER inventing this holiday.

He did not "see the light" after getting arrested and try to do the right thing and invent a holiday. The invention of Kwanzaa was part of his downward spiral into racist evil.

Posted by Sean at December 30, 2005 08:41 PM

When you look at the way that the import of Xmas has changed historically---starting with a Christian meaning being grafted onto pagan traditions---you can hardly jusge Kwanzaa based just on its origins. If it is turning into something positive then good for it.

Posted by Pericles at January 3, 2006 04:29 AM