Comments: No More Valedictorian?


I am a teacher and I agree 100%.

I go to a Christian school and fortunately talk about how we all have talents.

I tell them that A,B,C on report cards does not mean you are an A, B, C, or F as a person. God doesn't make F people only A people. However, our Grade from God is determine by how we act and the decisions we make to follow Him or not follow Him.

It is essential to know that as we grade kids that they know that as a person they are important in his eyes.

This is an attempt by the world to teach this without teaching God -- you can't! God has a purpose for each of us -- a job only we can do! Kids need to know that.

If we only hadn't tried to divorce the soul of the teacher from their classroom! And we wonder why some teachers have a hard time keeping their spirit -- they were told to separate it and leave it at home!

Posted by Vicki Davis at January 26, 2006 08:11 PM

I agree too, I'm one of the advanced students, and the school day is so dull. I breeze through all classes, though I got votech which makes it more interesting. I can actually challenge myself there.

Our senior class at Guthrie High in Oklahoma has about 8 Valedictorians, myself being one, but it doesn't mean much when there are so many.

Posted by Matthew Mills at February 8, 2006 03:16 PM
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