Comments: Ugga's My Man!

disturbing, i don't think i've ever seen an anatomically correct mascot trinket. the longhorn would be beyond disgusting, no? only in georgia.

posted by shoe on January 27, 2006 07:16 PM

Oh hell, this one's right down my alley. Not literaly, well maybe kinda literaly. I got two boxers. I know they ain't bulldogs, but they got some bulldog in 'em. From what I see, they might have some longhorn in 'em too...

Why's it disturbin' Choue? Even GI Joe had the Ku-Fu Grip...

posted by RedNeck on January 27, 2006 07:49 PM

Why isn't "phonetically" spelled foneticaly? Just curious.

posted by Velociman on January 27, 2006 09:44 PM

That's a good question Vman. Now, riddle me this... What do people in China call their good plates?

posted by RedNeck on January 29, 2006 10:27 AM

Polcerain, Neck. They call it polcerain.

posted by Velociman on January 29, 2006 07:58 PM

Good thing Ohio State's mascot is only a nut!

posted by Michele on January 30, 2006 11:38 AM

That reminds me of the time I almost gelded the citadel bulldog. They've got a bronze bulldog on thier quad. I was pretty sure that I could get a pair of bolt-cutters around those things and take them back to the CoC campus.

But I was too drunk to find the bolt-cutters.


posted by LamontCranston on February 2, 2006 03:20 PM
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