Regurgitation For: What Is Your Problem?

Ok here's what ya do...Get some hair dye, good zit cream and earn that hangover...at least if you have a real hangover you won't care about the gray hair and the zits! Plus, let's put it this way...you should be thankful your skin still thinks it's young enough for the teen problems. I bet you look 19, with gray hair.

Declared by SailGirl at February 5, 2006 01:02 AM

Heh. When I was a teenager with zits, man, I couldn't wait til I was an adult so they would go away and never come back. Gawd what an irrational belief that turned out to be. At least I don't get them on my face all the frikkiing time.

And where did all that hair in my ears, nose and eyebrows come from? I'm not going bald, so there isn't a great hair migration going on here, but Lord, I already suffer from the occasional zit, didja hafta give me the ever sprouting unmentionable hair too?

When I first started getting gray hairs in my beard (and I mean white, really really white), I'd pluck 'em out. If I did that now, well, I'd rather not. It's either shave, paint it up with Grecian Formula, or let it ride. Letting it ride is what's gonna happen, and has been happening for some time now.

My "hangovers" generally are the result of three beers at the bar with a pack and a half of cigarettes. I'll never learn.

I'm also not too happy with my knees. I know, they were stressed out in football, plus carrying around the spare tire hasn't helped, but they just aren't to be trusted. Racing down the stairs - well, ya just can't depend on 'em. One or the other gives out, and if ya don't have a hand on the rail, it could be tail over teacup. Not every time, or even for weeks or months, but they lurk, waiting to catch me unawares.

Declared by Jeffro at February 6, 2006 12:30 AM
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